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Alpina Burkard Bovensiepen is an automobile manufacturer that focuses on upgrading BMW vehicles. Founded in 1965, Alpina works with BMW closely in engineering, production, and sales. This separates it from other aftermarket tuners who purchase retail vehicles and change out parts.
Compared to BMW's own BMW M, Alpina's vehicles place more emphasis on a balance between performance and comfort. For example, it uses automatic transmissions when BMW's own M cars use DCTs.


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Thumbnail of Alpina D4 F33 Convertible (2014-2020)

Alpina D4 F33 Convertible (2014-2020)

Neo 68%
Thumbnail of Alpina B4 F33 Convertible (2014-2020)

Alpina B4 F33 Convertible (2014-2020)

Neo 76%
Thumbnail of Alpina B8 Gran Coupe G16 Sedan (2021)

Alpina B8 Gran Coupe G16 Sedan (2021)

Neo 80%Ext 85%
Thumbnail of Alpina B4 F32 LCI Coupe (2017-2020)

Alpina B4 F32 LCI Coupe (2017-2020)

Neo 81%Ext 77%
Thumbnail of Alpina XD4 G02 Crossover (2018)

Alpina XD4 G02 Crossover (2018)

Neo 44%
Thumbnail of Alpina XD3 G01 Crossover (2018)

Alpina XD3 G01 Crossover (2018)

Neo 54%Ext 62%


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