Sonus faber is an Italian manufacturer of high-end, handcrafted loudspeakers, headphones, and other audio equipment. Sonus faber speakers and audio equipment are known for their exquisite designs that complement their sonic performance.
Founded in 1983, Sonus faber is one of several brands under the ownership of Fine Sounds Group, which also owns McIntosh, Wadia, Sumiko, and Audio Research. The company supplies speakers for Pagani in its Huayra hypercar.


In 1980, Franco Serblin, founder of Sonus faber, designed the da Vinci-inspired Snail all-in-one speaker system made entirely in solid wood. Three years later, Sonus faber launched its first product, the 2-way monitor Parva. Throughout the 1980s, the company's portfolio grew, as did its distribution network.
In 1991, Sonus faber introduced the Extrema that featured ultra-high-end components and a unique design style that would live on in the company's future lineup. Two years later, the Guarneri Homage introduced the lute-shaped cabinet that would be a defining shape for future Sonus faber loudspeakers. The floorstanding Amati Homage was added to the lineup in 1998.
In the years that followed, Sonus faber continued to expand its high-end speaker lineup. Meanwhile, in an effort to broaden its audience, the company introduced the Toy collection of relatively more affordable speakers that featured leather-covered cabinets.
In the 2010s, Sonus faber introduced a large selection of exceedingly beautifully-crafted and sonically excellent loudspeakers. It also launched its first headphone, the Pryma 0|1, as well as its first all-in-one system based on the Snail, the Sf16.


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