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Olympica Nova W is a wall-mount loudspeaker in the Olympica Nova collection by Sonus faber.
Building on the success of the original Olympica series, the Olympica Nova adds a number of new technologies that range from new drivers and crossovers to new cabinet structure and internal volume tuning:
The cabinet of the Olympica Nova W is constructed with eight layers of wood. Genuine leather is applied to "Voice of Sonus faber" (the tweeter and mid-woofer drivers).
The tweeter in the Olympica Nova W features the DAD (Damped Apex Dome) technology on a 28mm silk dome diaphragm and a magnetic motor system that integrates "Neodymium Cap Design". The mid-woofer is derived from the Homage Tradition collection. The crossover network implements Paracross Topology that makes it less sensitive to radio-frequency interference. The filtering topology features new exclusive Sonus faber Clarity Cap capacitors.
Olympica Nova W is joined by six other models in the series: three floorstanders, Olympica Nova V, Olympica Nova III, and Olympica Nova II, a bookshelf speaker, Olympica Nova I, and two center channel speakers, Olympica Nova CII and Olympica Nova CI.


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