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Acura is the premium vehicle division of the Japanese automaker Honda. Launched for the North American market in 1986, Acura markets also in China and other select countries.
The first Japanese premium automobile brand, Acura was best known for the original flagship sedan, the Legend, which inspired Toyota and Nissan to launch their own premium brands Lexus and Infiniti, and the exotic sports car NSX.


Following a decade of R&D, Honda launched the Acura brand in North America in 1986. Its lineup consisted of the executive-class Legend and the compact Integra. By 1990, Acura would out-sell Mercedes, BMW, and Lexus in the NA market.
In the same year, Acura introduced the NSX ("New Sports eXperimental"), a mid-engine sports car. It was the world's first all-aluminium production car. It was viewed as the "Everyday Supercar" for its ease of use and high reliability. However, sales came down in the mid-1990s.
Since 2000, Acura has experienced a rebound with new models, especially well-appointed crossovers.

Current Models

Acura's current vehicle lineup includes two sedans, three crossovers, and one sports car. All models bear a three-letter designation, with the second letter referencing the vehicle's type (L for sedan, D for crossover, and S for sports car); all models names end with an "X":
  • ILX: compact executive sedan, successor to the integra
  • TLX: executive sedan
  • CDX: subcompact crossover
  • RDX: compact crossover
  • MDX: mid-size three-row crossover
  • NSX: 2nd-gen NSX mid-engine sports car


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Acura / Honda NSX 2 (NC1) Sports Car (2016)

Acura / Honda NSX 2 (NC1) Sports Car (2016)

87% Neofiliac88% External
Acura / Honda NSX Mk2 (chassis code NC1) is a mid-size sports car in production from 2016 to 2022. It was available with a single bi-turbo V6 engine that displaced 3.5 liters. Interestingly, the car uses a 9-speed DCT transmission with full hybridizati...
Acura / Honda ILX facelift 2 Sedan (2019)

Acura / Honda ILX facelift 2 Sedan (2019)

45% Neofiliac
Acura ILX facelift 2019 is a compact sedan in production from 2019. It is available with a single inline-4 engine that displaced 2.4 liters paired to an 8-speed DCT. Compared to earlier ILX, this facelift completely replaced the front fascia, which now...
Acura CL 2 (YA4) Coupe (2000-2003)

Acura CL 2 (YA4) Coupe (2000-2003)

47% Neofiliac
Acura CL Mk2 (chassis code YA4) is a large coupe in production from 2000 to 2003. It was available with a two tunes of a naturally-aspirated V6 petrol engine with VTEC that displaced 3.2 liters. With a rather elegant yet simple exterior styling, the Ac...
Acura RDX 3 (TC1/2) Crossover (2019)

Acura RDX 3 (TC1/2) Crossover (2019)

45% Neofiliac74% External
Acura RDX 3 (chassis code TC1/2) is a mid-size crossover in production since 2019. It is available with a single turbocharged inline-4 engine that displaced 2.0 liters. An evolution of the Mk2 RDX, some may argue that the Mk3 RDX is uglier, thanks to i...
Acura RDX 2 (TB3/4) Crossover (2013-2018)

Acura RDX 2 (TB3/4) Crossover (2013-2018)

68% Neofiliac
Acura RDX 2 (chassis code TB3/4) is a mid-size crossover in production from 2013 to 2018. It was available with two tunes of the same J35Z2 V6 engine that displaced 3.5 liters. Retaining the dimensions of the facelifted Mk1 RDX, the Mk2 uses a new 6-sp...
Acura RDX (TB1/2) Crossover (2007-2012)

Acura RDX (TB1/2) Crossover (2007-2012)

42% Neofiliac
Acura RDX (chassis code TB1/2) is a mid-size crossover in production from 2007 to 2012. It was available with a single turbocharged inline-4 petrol engine that displaced 2.3 liters. Introduced as the smaller successor to the original MDX and sold along...
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