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MINI is a British automotive marque owned by BMW since 2000. The original Mini was a line of small cars manufactured by the British Motor Corporation (BMC), which became British Motor Holdings and later British Leyland. In the 1980s, British Leyland was broken-up, and Mini was part of the Rover Group. BMW acquired the Rover Group and kept the Mini brand.
Today, the Mini lineup comprises of a series of hatchbacks and crossovers.


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MINI Countryman Review Rundown thumbnail

MINI Countryman Review Rundown

The latest Countryman features LED headlights, a new digital instrument panel, and a smartened-up infotainment system. Quality inside the Countryman remains imp...
21 Mar 2021
The MINI Lifestyle Collection 2020: Sustainable, Colorful, and Fun thumbnail

The MINI Lifestyle Collection 2020: Sustainable, Colorful, and Fun

The 2020 MINI Lifestyle Collection which includes a wide range of products. BMW has highlighted the sustainable aspect of this collection while introducing m...
04 Jun 2020


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