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Tamron Co., Ltd. is a Japanese manufacturer of photographic lenses and optical components. Sony Corporation is a major shareholder in Tamron.
Originally founded in 1950 as Taisei Optical Manufacturing Company, Tamron has always been involved in the production of lenses for cameras and binoculars. In 1970, the company changed its name to Tamron. Tamron expanded beyond the Japanese market afterwards, establishing subsidiaries in the US, UK, and Hong Kong, etc.

Product Lines

Photographic lenses remain the primary product that Tamron manufactures. Currently, it focuses on autofocus lenses for the Sony E-mount, Nikon F-mount, and Canon EF-mount. Among these, Tamron is best known for its all-in-one "super-zoom" lenses as well as high-quality large-aperture zoom lenses that are significantly more affordable that offerings from the competition.
Beyond photographic lenses, Tamron also manufactures lenses for camcorders, smartphones, CCTV cameras, and other commercial applications.

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