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Infiniti is a sub-brand of the Japanese automaker Nissan with a focus on higher-end and luxury vehicles. Launched in 1989, Nissan originally sold upper-end models unavailable in the North American under the Infiniti brand into the US market. Soon afterwards, Infiniti received vehicles that were modified and refined from their base Nissan counterparts. More recently, Infiniti started making exclusive models marketed globally.
A key difference between Infiniti (and indeed other premium Japanese brands) and its European competitors is the notably narrower powertrain options. Like Lexus (by Toyota), and unlike Acura (by Honda), Infiniti is more commonly RWD.


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Thumbnail of Infiniti Q60 II Coupe (2016-2022)

Infiniti Q60 II Coupe (2016-2022)

Neo 80%Ext 49%
Thumbnail of Infiniti QX80 (Z62) facelift SUV (2017)

Infiniti QX80 (Z62) facelift SUV (2017)

Neo 83%Ext 57%
Thumbnail of Infiniti QX70 (S51) Crossover (2013-2017)

Infiniti QX70 (S51) Crossover (2013-2017)

Neo 77%
Thumbnail of Infiniti QX60 II (L51) Crossover (2021)

Infiniti QX60 II (L51) Crossover (2021)

Neo 50%
Thumbnail of Infiniti QX55 (J55) Crossover (2021)

Infiniti QX55 (J55) Crossover (2021)

Neo 39%
Thumbnail of Infiniti QX50 II (J55) Crossover (2017)

Infiniti QX50 II (J55) Crossover (2017)

Neo 53%Ext 62%


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