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TCL Technology is a Chinese manufacturer of home appliances and consumer electronics. Consumers may know TCL for its television sets, washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners.
Like its competitors from China, TCL likes to pack a lot of features in an affordable package with the usual cost-cutting in build quality.


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Thumbnail of TCL C935 4K TV (2022)

TCL C935 4K TV (2022)

Neo 90%
Thumbnail of TCL 98R754 4K QLED TV (2022)

TCL 98R754 4K QLED TV (2022)

Neo 77%
Thumbnail of TCL C835 4K TV (2022)

TCL C835 4K TV (2022)

Neo 83%
Thumbnail of TCL P735 4K TV (2022)

TCL P735 4K TV (2022)

Neo 76%
Thumbnail of TCL C735 4K QLED TV (2022)

TCL C735 4K QLED TV (2022)

Neo 68%
Thumbnail of TCL P618 4K TV (2021)

TCL P618 4K TV (2021)

Neo 47%


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