Cambridge Audio is a British manufacturer of high-end audio equipment. Founded in 1968, Cambridge Audio is known for its audio players, amplifiers, and loudspeakers.


Founded in 1968 as a division of Cambridge Consultants, the company's first product was the P40 integrated amplifier, which was the first amplifier to use a toroidal transformer—the industry standard today.
In 1971, Cambridge Audio introduced its first loudspeaker, the R50 transmission line loudspeaker. In the same decade, the company also launched its first turntable as well as the Classic One integrated amplifier. The Classic One featured a new circuit design with much of the circuitry contained in custom-made integrated circuits using multi-layer boards—again the industry standard today.
In 1985, Cambridge Audio introduced the CD1, the world's first two-box CD player that separated the DAC from the transport stages. The digital-to-analog conversion was performed by six matched DACs to improve linearity. The CD2 that followed had 16-bit 16 times oversampling that again broke the record.
In the following decades, Cambridge Audio continued to introduce compelling products and is held in high regard by audiophiles.

Product Lineup

Besides amplifiers, loudspeakers, and CD players, Cambridge Audio also produces network players, DACs, earphones, AV receivers, and wireless speakers.


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