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HDR10+ Adaptive Comes to Samsung's 2021 QLED TVs

Samsung Electronics | Published on 30 Dec 2020 | Last Edited on 18 Feb 2021 | Author: Dr Jiulin Teng
For its 2021 QLED smart TVs, Samsung is introducing a new HDR10+ Adaptive feature that improves HDR10+ viewing experience at variable lighting conditions. The HDR10+ Adaptive supports Filmmaker Mode, too, producing a cinematic experience in often brightly-lit environments.

HDR10+ Adaptive

Since Samsung has yet to include Dolby Vision HDR in its products, it has leaned on HDR10+ to offer a comparable experience.
HDR10+ Adaptive further leverages the advantages of Samsung's QLED technology, especially when compared to OLED: QLED can produce brighter pictures and works out better in brightly-lit rooms. While traditionally HDR contents necessitate viewing in dark rooms, the HDR10+ Adaptive feature optimizes the picture dynamically with regard to ambient light, following guidelines from the HDR10+ LLC.

Filmmaker Mode

On Samsung's QLED TVs, HDR10+ Adaptive is compatible with Filmmaker Mode, which is a popular setting that improves viewing experience of films and videos supported by a large number of filmmakers, studios, and TV manufacturers.

Streaming Support

Amazon has partnered with Samsung to enable Filmmaker Mode and HDR10+ Adaptive for Prime Video customers. Universal Pictures Home Entertainment will also start supporting HDR10+, with more partnerships expected.


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