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Canon PowerShot ZOOM Review Rundown thumbnail

Canon PowerShot ZOOM Review Rundown

Canon's PowerShot Zoom is a new concept for a compact camera. In a compact package, it offers telephoto range up to 800mm full-frame equivalent, with stills...
21 Mar 2021
Fujifilm SQ1 Review Rundown thumbnail

Fujifilm SQ1 Review Rundown

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ1 is a square-format instant camera that's easy affordable and easy to use. The Instax SQ1 offers the ease of one-button operation,...
21 Mar 2021
Panasonic S5 Review Rundown thumbnail

Panasonic S5 Review Rundown

At 1.5 pounds, the S5 isn't just Panasonic's lightest full-frame camera, it's even lighter — barely — than the Lumix GH5. The S5's video aut...
21 Mar 2021
Sony A7S III Review Rundown thumbnail

Sony A7S III Review Rundown

A7S III is Sony's new, video-centric full-frame mirrorless camera. It can shoot 4K video at 120fps (yes, still at 10-bit) and it is divine. Unlike the older...
21 Mar 2021
Nikon Z5 Review Rundown thumbnail

Nikon Z5 Review Rundown

Nikon Z5 is the company's new entry-level full-frame mirrorless camera with a large 24MP full- frame sensor at its heart. The Nikon Z 5 combines sophisticat...
21 Mar 2021
Canon EOS R6 Review Rundown thumbnail

Canon EOS R6 Review Rundown

Canon had a bit of an identity crisis making the switch to full-frame mirrorless. The EOS R6 is the mirrorless camera that owners of the company's mid-level...
21 Mar 2021
Sony ZV-1 Review Rundown thumbnail

Sony ZV-1 Review Rundown

Sony ZV-1 is a pocketable camera with strong still image quality and features geared specifically toward vloggers. It takes the best video features of the Sony ...
21 Mar 2021
Canon EOS R5 Review Rundown thumbnail

Canon EOS R5 Review Rundown

Canon EOS R5 is one of the most powerful and capable mirrorless cameras on the market. It's the first R-series camera that feels like it was built from the ...
21 Mar 2021
Panasonic S1R Review Rundown thumbnail

Panasonic S1R Review Rundown

Panasonic's Lumix S1R is the biggest full-frame mirrorless body I know of. It's even bigger and heavier than the Fujifilm GFX and Hasselblad X1D mirrorl...
21 Mar 2021