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Logo of company Ferrari


Ferrari S.p.A. is an Italian automaker that specializes in luxury sports cars. Founded in 1939 as a tuner of Alfa Romeo, Ferrari released its first car right after WW2. It came under the control of Fiat over the decades and became an independent public co
Logo of company Koenigsegg


Koenigsegg Automotive AB is a Swedish boutique automaker that specializes in luxury supercars. Unlike other boutique automaker, Koenigsegg makes a lot of the core components, including the engine of its vehicles, in-house. This is what separates it from o
Logo of company Bugatti


Bugatti is a French luxury boutique carmaker that specializes in supercars. Part of Volkswagen AG, Bugatti was relaunched in 1998 after the original company, Automobiles Ettore Bugatti, went bankrupt in the 1950s.
Logo of company DS Automobiles

DS Automobiles

DS Automobiles is an effort by PSA, now part of Stellantis, to introduce a premium brand of automobiles that can compete with the likes of Infiniti, the premium brand of Nissan-Renault. The name was derived from the iconic Citroen DS from the 1950s.
Logo of company Maserati


Maserati is an Italian subsidiary of the multinational automaker Stellantis. It specializes in high-performance premium and luxury vehicles and had a long racing heritage. For a long time, it has been associated with Ferrari. Since Ferrari was spun off fr
Logo of company Saab


Saab Automobile is a defunct automaker from Sweden. It was founded in 1945 when its parent company, Saab (Swedish airplane AB), started making passenger vehicles. The company made a long line of quirky FWD vehicles that attracted a cult following. In 2000
Logo of company Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo is an Italian subsidiary of the multinational automaker Stellantis. Currently, it is positioned as a premium brand in the European branch of Stellantis.
Logo of company SEAT


SEAT is a Spanish subsidiary of the German automaker Volkswagen Group. Founded in 1950, it was a state-owned company until its sale to Volkswagen in 1986. Currently, SEAT is placed at the bottom of Volkswagen's passenger vehicle lineup, though it shar
Logo of company Skoda


Skoda is a Czech subsidiary of the German automaker Volkswagen Group. Tracing its history back over a century in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Skoda started manufacturing automobiles in 1905. More recently, its vehicles are essentially cheapened versions o
Logo of company Dodge


Dodge is an American brand owned by the multinational automaker Stellantis. Founded in 1900, it had been one of Chrysler's brands for decades before Chrysler itself became part of DaimlerChrysler, FCA, and more recently Stellantis.
Logo of company Opel


Opel Automobile GmbH is a German subsidiary of the multinational automaker Stellantis. Opel also sells its vehicles under the Vauxhall brand in the UK. Over the years, the Opel brand changed hands several times. Since the 1970s, Vauxhall became a rebrand
Logo of company Peugeot


Peugeot is a French brand owned by the multinational automaker Stellantis, the result of merger between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and PSA Group. Currently, it manufactures a range of compact and subcompact hatchbacks and crossovers. Before the merge
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