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DS Automobiles is an effort by PSA, now part of Stellantis, to introduce a premium brand of automobiles that can compete with the likes of Infiniti, the premium brand of Nissan-Renault. The name was derived from the iconic Citroen DS from the 1950s.
So far, however, DS vehicles failed to gain much traction outside their domestic market. The unfortunate fact is that PSA has a bureaucratic R&D structure that is unable to release any interesting vehicle today. We can hope that with the inputs of the Italians from Stellantis DS may become less lame in the future.


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Thumbnail of DS 7 Crossback Crossover (2017)

DS 7 Crossback Crossover (2017)

Neo 43%Ext 45%
Thumbnail of DS 4 II Hatchback (2021)

DS 4 II Hatchback (2021)

Neo 32%Ext 62%
Thumbnail of DS 3 Crossback Crossover (2018)

DS 3 Crossback Crossover (2018)

Neo 8%Ext 50%
Thumbnail of DS 9 Sedan (2020)

DS 9 Sedan (2020)

Neo 57%Ext 56%
Thumbnail of DS 3 Cabrio Convertible (2016-2019)

DS 3 Cabrio Convertible (2016-2019)

Neo 16%Ext 54%
Thumbnail of DS 4 Hatchback (2015-2018)

DS 4 Hatchback (2015-2018)

Neo 17%


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