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Genesis Motor, LLC, is the luxury vehicle division of the Hyundai Motor Group. Initially a model name under Hyundai, Genesis was spun off as an independent marque in 2015 with the first Genesis-branded vehicle, the flagship luxury sedan G90.


Hyundai Genesis was introduced in 2008 as an expansion of the company's lineup to rear-wheel drive luxury vehicles. Commercial success and consumer demand encouraged Hyundai to spin Genesis off.

Model Lineup & Future Plans

Besides the flagship luxury sedan G90 and the successor of the original Genesis sedan, the G80, the marque has two other vehicles in its lineup: the compact executive sedan G70, and the midsize crossover SUV GV80.
Genesis plans to introduce a coupe and two crossovers in the coming years. Hyundai is planning to launch the brand in Europe and in Asia beyond its home market South Korea and China.


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Thumbnail of Genesis G70 Compact Executive Sedan (1st-gen, Facelift)

Genesis G70 Compact Executive Sedan (1st-gen, Facelift)

Ext 57%
Thumbnail of Genesis GV80 Midsize Crossover

Genesis GV80 Midsize Crossover

Ext 71%
Thumbnail of Genesis G80 Midsize Luxury Sedan (RG3, 3rd-gen)

Genesis G80 Midsize Luxury Sedan (RG3, 3rd-gen)

Ext 70%


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