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Tokina is a Japanese manufacturer of photographic lenses, often offering an interesting balance of price and image quality. Like other third-party lens makers, Tokina serves both DSLR and mirrorless markets with lenses designed for Canon EF-mount, Nikon F-mount, and Sony E-mount as the primary focus.


Founded in 1950 as Tokyo Kouki manufacturing enterprise, the company started making its own lenses under the Tokina brand in the 1960s in time for the Tokyo Olympics. For this reason, its first lens models included several telephoto SLR lenses such as the 300mm f/5.5, the 200mm f/4.5, and the 135mm f/2.8.
In 1971, the company took the Tokina name. In the same decade, it introduced a number of popular large-aperture zoom lenses, which were ahead of their time.

Product Lineup

Tokina's current camera lens lineup include several series:
  • opera is a new series of full-frame lenses for DSLR camera designed for photographic artists
  • FíRIN is a series of premium lenses designed for mirrorless cameras
  • atx-m is a series of affordable lenses for mirrorless cameras
  • atx-i is a series of affordable lenses for DSLRs
  • AT-X is Tokina's longest-running series of "Advanced Technology-X" lenses for SLR / DSLRs introduced in 1981. Tokina no longer releases new lenses under this name but has extended it to the atx-m and atx-i series.


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