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Mission is a British brand of loudspeakers owned by the International Audio Group (IAG). Mission speakers are characterized by their use of innovative materials, their modern designs, and their price to performance ratio.


Founded in 1977 in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, Mission enjoyed an engineering-led approach to product development. The Mission 700 series from 1978 featured the inverted arrangement of bass unit on top and treble unit below.
At a time when all speakers were made of chipboard, the Mission 760 series from 1990 clamped a wooden shell between injection moulded Polypropyle front and rear baffles.
In 1998, the company originally developed DML (Distributed Mode Loudspeaker) flat panel loudspeakers that produced sound by inducing uniformly distributed vibration modes in the panel through a special electro-acoustic exciter. The technology was spun off as NXT.


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