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Mission QX-3 MKII is the smallest of three floorstanding loudspeakers in Mission's affordable QX MK2 series designed for price-sensitive consumers for stereo and home theatre applications.
The QX MKII series is a step-up from the LX MKII unveiled last year. Each model shares the same dimensions with its predecessor, though new and improved finishes make them stand out. Each speaker features redesigned aluminum top and bottom plates.
In the QX-3 MKII, the three drivers are arranged in a D'Appolito array with the tweeter situated in the middle of the mid-woofer drivers. The 1.5" tweeter uses a textile dome with fixed center; the voice coil is attached partway down the dome. This setup prevents cavitation and reduces distortion towards higher frequencies. All drivers use long acrylic fibers that are both durable and physically appealing.
The original QX series pioneered the use of serrations in the driver surrounds to minimize airflow interference. The MKII improves the design and effectiveness of this feature.
The QX-3 MKII is joined by two bookshelf speakers, the QX-1 and 2 MKII, two larger floorstanders, QX-4, and 5 MKII, and a center channel, QX-C MKII. There is also a matching subwoofer, the QX-12SUB MKII.


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