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Mission LX-C1 MKII is the smaller of two center channel loudspeakers in Mission's entry-level LX MK2 series designed for price-sensitive consumers for home theatre applications.
The LX MKII series features a new 24mm microfibre dome tweeter with neodymium magnet, selected for maximum magnetic force in a small space. A new version of Mission's DisDrive bass / midrange drive unit, where the usual cone and dust cap arrangement is replaced by a seamless curvilinear diaphragm, can also be found. The diaphragm itself is fashioned from an advanced dual-layer fibre formulation, selected for its reduced susceptibility to hygroscopy as well as being very stiff for its mass with excellent self-damping.
Like the QX series, the LX MKII series feature "comb-tooth" serrations in the main driver surroundings as well as indentations around the tweeter, providing a smoother frequency response than the previous generation.
Other models in this series include three floorstanders, LX-6 MKII, LX-5 MKII, and LX-4 MKII, three bookshelf speakers, LX-3 MKII, LX-2 MKII, and LX-1 MKII, a larger center channel speaker, LX-C2 MKII, and one wall-mount / surround speaker LX-3D MKII.


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