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Mission LX-6 MKII is the largest of three floorstanding loudspeakers in Mission's entry-level LX MK2 series designed for price-sensitive consumers for both stereo and home theatre applications. It is the only 3-way design in the LX MK2 series.
In order to deliver performance at a low price point, Mission updated the design of the geometry and the pairing of the drivers in the LX MK2 four years after the initial release of its predecessor.
The LX MKII series features a new 24mm microfibre dome tweeter with neodymium magnet, selected for maximum magnetic force in a small space. A new version of Mission's DisDrive bass / midrange drive unit, where the usual cone and dust cap arrangement is replaced by a seamless curvilinear diaphragm, can also be found. The diaphragm itself is fashioned from an advanced dual-layer fibre formulation, selected for its reduced susceptibility to hygroscopy as well as being very stiff for its mass with excellent self-damping.
Like the QX series, the LX MKII series feature "comb-tooth" serrations in the main driver surroundings as well as indentations around the tweeter, providing a smoother frequency response than the previous generation.
Other models in this series include two smaller floorstanders, LX-5 MKII and LX-4 MKII, three bookshelf speakers, LX-3 MKII, LX-2 MKII, and LX-1 MKII, two center channel speakers, LX-C1 MKII and LX-C2 MKII, and one wall-mount / surround speaker LX-3D MKII.


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