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Samsung Brings Its 2020 Samsung Smart TV Models Free Access to Samsung Health Platform

Samsung Electronics | Published on 28 May 2020 | Last Edited on 23 Jan 2021 | Written by Dr Jiulin Teng
Samsung Health platform is now available on 2020 Samsung Smart TV models. Designed to reshape at-home workouts, Samsung Health is a wellness platform that goes beyond fitness. Being able to sync across multiple Samsung devices, it allows users to monitor aspects of their health and exercises on their smartphones, wearables, and now Samsung Smart TVs.

What Are the Specific Benefits?

Samsung Health gives users access to free premium classes; it makes starting, changing, and keeping new wellness routines easy.
Consumers can customize their own health journeys with Samsung Health, thanks not only to premium contents but also a personalized performance dashboard, goal-based challenges, and intelligent features that keep consumers motivated and focused on achieving their wellness goals, at home and on-the-go:
  • Each user in the household can have his/her own personal account and connect to his/her own Samsung wearables and smartphones.
  • They can also access premium contents by a diverse range of workouts provided by Samsung Health partners.
  • After routines are set and the smart TV is on, it will remind the consumers to play personal wellness contents according to the schedule.
  • Users can also commit to a personal goal or invite family members to join a shared goal. Challenges enhance motivation and add fun to the journey to a healthier lifestyle.

What Contents Are Available? How Does It Work?

The premium contents include workouts from premium brands such as Calm, obé fitness, barre3, Echelon, Fitplan, and Jillian Michaels Fitness. On Samsung Smart TVs, users can enjoy select free contents from all partners for the first year, including more than 5000 hours of free contents and over 250 instructive videos.
Samsung will expand the ecosystem and bring new contents onboard following this launch.


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