Wharfedale is a British audio equipment manufacturer known for its loudspeakers. It is currently part of the International Audio Group.


Founded in Yorkshire in 1932 in the valley of the River Wharfe, known as Wharfedale, the company adopted the name of the location and started manufacturing radio equipment. The next year, Wharfedale entered the Bradford Radio Society's annual competition and won first and second place, and the company took off.
In 1945, Wharfedale developed the first two-way loudspeaker.
Since the late 1950s, Wharfedale changed hands a few times but continued to produce quality loudspeakers. Wharfedale became famous for its technique of eliminating cabinet resonances by using a double cabinet, with the space between the inner and outer shells filled with sand.

Current Products

Wharfedale currently has a large lineup of entry- to mid-level loudspeakers as well as soundbars and wireless speakers. Its higher-end Evo4 and Elysian Series feature AMT (Air Motion Transformer) drivers rather than cone tweeters.
Wharfedale's loudspeaker lineup comprises the following lines:
  • Heritage: Wood-veneered speakers with a vintage look
  • Elysian: Flagship 3-way speakers with AMT high-frequency driver and made for music
  • EVO4: Speakers with AMT high-frequency driver
  • Reva: Speakers with glass fibre weave bass and midrange drivers and 7-layer piano gloss lacquer finish
  • Crystal 4: Entry-level speakers aimed at home-theatre applications
  • D300: Entry-level, low-cost speakers


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