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Bentley Flying Spur 3

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Product Overview

Built on Volkswagen Group's MSB platform, the 3rd gen Flying Spur is decidedly more sporty and refined. It debuts with all-wheel steering and Dynamic Ride as well as a range of the latest luxury features and technologies that Bentley has to offer.
Since the discontinuation of the Muslanne powered by the company's storied 6 3/4-litre V8 in 2020, the 3rd-gen Bentley Flying Spur has become the flagship luxury sedan of the iconic marque.


What we found

Neofiliac score 71%
  • Good power
  • Decent styling
  • Lots of luxury options
  • Hybrid nonsense
  • Downgrade from the Mulsanne

What external reviewers found

External score 83%
  • Superb handling
  • Superb hi-fi system
  • Superb interior
  • Excellent infotainment system
  • Lack of storage space
  • Lackluster tech
  • Lacklustre rear comfort
  • Lacklustre fuel economy
  • Not the most comfortable to drive
  • Not the most practical

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External Reviews


Reviewer score 99%
Reviewers from have found:
  • Superb hi-fi system
  • Comfortable to sit in
  • Superb interior
  • No fridge


Reviewer score 77%
Reviewers from autocar have found:
Despite the pretensions of Mercedes and BMW, the Bentley Flying Spur has few natural size/price rivals. The Spur has its own mildly modified version of the 626bhp 6.0-litre twin-turbo W12 engine introduced with the Bentayga SUV. Our test car was a special edition, an early Spur with the £37,000 First Edition pack that throws in just about every important Bentley add-on.
  • Powerful twin-turbo W12 engine
  • Comfortable to drive
  • Pricier than rivals


Reviewer score 88%
Reviewers from autoexpress have found:
The cabin is as luxurious as you'd expect, with deep carpets, soft leather and beautifully finished trim. A huge 12.3-inch touchscreen display houses functionality for navigation, Bluetooth, DAB radio and Apple CarPlay. The standard audio system offers 10 speakers with 650 watts, although you can upgrade to either a B&O 16 speaker set-up.
  • Best-in-class infotainment system
  • Excellent cabin tech
  • Lack of storage space


Reviewer score 74%
Reviewers from carmagazine have found:
The Spur starts on e-power and you can manually prod the powertrain through EV, Hybrid and Hold modes as your priorities shift. While the Hybrid is 175kg heavier than an equivalent Spur V8, it's a drop in the ocean for a 2.5-tonne car. By 2030, all of Bentley's cars will be full EVs.
  • Powerful V8
  • Elegant styling
  • Excellent handling
  • Not the most comfortable to drive
  • Alternatives are more fun to drive


Reviewer score 84%
Reviewers from cnet have found:
Bentley's new Flying Spur is striking and dynamic without any cues that shout for your attention. On the inside, things are a bit more familiar -- traditional, even -- with the usual Bentley quilted leather. Up front, the infotainment system is functional and clean, offering most of the modern features.
  • Gorgeous interior
  • Excellent infotainment system
  • Comfortable ride
  • Lackluster tech
  • No Android Auto


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