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Logo of company Fujitsu


Fujitsu is a Japanese multinational IT and telecom equipment and service provider. Established in 1935, Fujitsu developed from an electronics manufacturer to a highly-diversified technology name from Japan. It is part of Fortune 500.
Logo of company Cooler Master

Cooler Master

Cooler Master Technology Inc. is a Taiwanese manufacturer of premium computer hardware. It is best noted for its PC cooling devices and solutions, though in recent years Cooler Master has ventured to PC peripheral and computer monitor markets.
Logo of company AOpen


AOpen is a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer that focuses on small form factor computers and computer monitors. Originally the Open System business unit of Acer, AOpen was spun off in the early 2000s.
Logo of company BenQ


BenQ Corporation is a Taiwanese consumer electronics company that is best known for marketing affordable computer monitors. Originally founded in 1984 as a subsidiary of Acer, it was spun off in 2001. While BenQ has marketed a range of personal computing
Logo of company AOC


AOC International is a Taiwanese multinational electronics company focused on the manufacturing of desktop monitors and other LCD displays. Originally established as the Asian branch of the Admiral Corporation, an American electronics company, AOC stands
Logo of company NEC


NEC Corporation is a highly-diversified Japanese multinational corporation. Known originally as the Nippon Electric Company, NEC had long been one of the largest electronics manufacturers in Japan. Its contribution to personal computing has lasting global
Logo of company Sharp


Sharp Corporation is a Japanese multinational electronics manufacturer. Today, Sharp continues to manufacture and market a broad range of consumer, commercial, and industrial electronics products. Consumers may be most familiar with Sharp-branded TVs, tho
Logo of company Sceptre


Sceptre is an American brand of budget display products for the mass consumer market. In particular, it markets affordable LCD TVs and computer monitors at competitive price points.
Logo of company EIZO


EIZO Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of high-end display products. It produces monitors for a range of medical and industrial applications besides its consumer-oriented computer monitor business.
Logo of company Acer


Acer Inc. is a computer hardware and consumer electronics company from Taiwan. Originally a distributor of electronic components, it extended its business to production and marketing of finished goods, primarily in personal computing.
Logo of company Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen (often abbreviated as B&O) is a Danish consumer electronics company best known for its audio products and high-end in-car audio systems. Currently, Bang & Olufsen primarily markets HiFi-ish speakers and portable speakers as well
Logo of company Viltrox


Viltrox is a Chinese manufacturer of photographic and cine lenses and accessories. It has the competence to development, design, and manufacture compelling l...
Logo of company Schenker Technologies

Schenker Technologies

Schenker Technologies is a German boutique manufacturer of laptop and pre-built desktop personal computers. Its products use premium components and share a s...
Logo of company 7Artisans


7Artisans is a Chinese manufacturer of photographic lens. Its lens design is inspired by classic Leica lenses, though some more recent 7Artisans crop-sensor ...
Logo of company Oppo


Oppo is a Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer best known for its smartphones and smart devices. Like OnePlus, it is a subsidiary of BBK Electronics, as...
Logo of company Laowa (Venus Optics)

Laowa (Venus Optics)

Venus Optics is a Chinese manufacturer of photographic and cine lenses, which are marketed under the Laowa. They are typically manual focus lenses with a tra...
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