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Toshiba Corporation is a highly-diversified Japanese multinational conglomerate. It was at different times the world's largest manufacturer of PC, consumer electronics, home appliances, and flash memory. Most of these businesses have been sold or spun off.
Today, television sets are still sold by the Toshiba Visual Solutions Corporation (TVS REGZA), though the "Toshiba" brand name is only licensed. TVS REGZA Corporation is now owned by Hisense.


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Thumbnail of Toshiba UL4 4K TV (2020)

Toshiba UL4 4K TV (2020)

Neo 64%
Thumbnail of Toshiba UL3 4K TV (2020)

Toshiba UL3 4K TV (2020)

Neo 49%
Thumbnail of Toshiba U20 4K TV (2020)

Toshiba U20 4K TV (2020)

Neo 44%
Thumbnail of Toshiba UA4 4K TV (2020)

Toshiba UA4 4K TV (2020)

Neo 61%
Thumbnail of Toshiba UL6 4K TV (2020)

Toshiba UL6 4K TV (2020)

Neo 68%
Thumbnail of Toshiba WK3C WXGA TV (2021)

Toshiba WK3C WXGA TV (2021)

Neo 7%Ext 75%


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