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Philips is a Dutch multinational conglomerate with interests in a broad set of industries. To consumers, it remains one of the major electronics companies in the world. It consumer electronics product lines cover TV, monitor, speaker, personal care, home appliance, and lighting.
Unsurprisingly, the manufacturing of many of these consumer electronics products is outsourced to Asia.


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Thumbnail of Philips OLED 707 4K OLED TV (2022)

Philips OLED 707 4K OLED TV (2022)

Neo 83%
Thumbnail of Philips OLED 807 4K OLED TV (2022)

Philips OLED 807 4K OLED TV (2022)

Neo 85%
Thumbnail of Philips 39PHS6707/12 WXGA TV (2022)

Philips 39PHS6707/12 WXGA TV (2022)

Neo 4%
Thumbnail of Philips 9507 4K TV (2022)

Philips 9507 4K TV (2022)

Neo 88%
Thumbnail of Philips 8807 4K TV (2022)

Philips 8807 4K TV (2022)

Neo 74%
Thumbnail of Philips 8507 4K TV (2022)

Philips 8507 4K TV (2022)

Neo 59%


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