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Sceptre is an American brand of budget display products for the mass consumer market. In particular, it markets affordable LCD TVs and computer monitors at competitive price points.
Unlike more prominent brands, therefore, Sceptre fully outsources its production, primarily to China. This explains why it is able to offer competitive prices and why there are so many models available on the market today.


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Thumbnail of Sceptre A-SRC WXGA TV (2020)

Sceptre A-SRC WXGA TV (2020)

Neo 9%
Thumbnail of Sceptre U-EHC 4K TV (2020)

Sceptre U-EHC 4K TV (2020)

Neo 59%
Thumbnail of Sceptre A-FSRC FHD TV (2020)

Sceptre A-FSRC FHD TV (2020)

Neo 16%
Thumbnail of Sceptre U-UMCC 4K TV (2020)

Sceptre U-UMCC 4K TV (2020)

Neo 50%
Thumbnail of Sceptre U-UMRD 4K TV (2020)

Sceptre U-UMRD 4K TV (2020)

Neo 59%
Thumbnail of Sceptre A-UMC 4K TV (2020)

Sceptre A-UMC 4K TV (2020)

Neo 68%


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