Amphion Loudspeakers Ltd. is a Finnish manufacturer of home and studio audio equipment, specifically home loudspeakers and studio monitors. It makes all products in Finland, and its speakers are all handmade.
Amphion Loudspeakers employs a range of signature design approaches to minimize the effort of room reflections and to harmonize the crossover between the tweeter and the woofer, making them act as point sources—this is referred to as "uniformly directive diffusion":
Its speakers would use specific waveguide and a low crossover point (1600 Hz) to achieve this. The low crossover point puts the range of the low-frequency driver under the most critical hearing range for humans, making the separation between the tweeter and woofer indistinguishable. The waveguide aligns the drivers timewise and unify their dispersion. As a result, Amphion's home loudspeakers and studio monitors work as point sources and in phase coherent manner.

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