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Amphion Helium410 is the smaller of two bookshelf loudspeakers in Amphion's entry-level Helium series that is handmade in Finland for both stereo and home theatre applications.
Despite its entry-level positioning, the Helium series are compact yet powerful. They share Amphion's Uniformly Directive Diffusion (U|D|D) technology, which delivers a wide and even sound dispersion. By minimizing the effects of sound reflections, they can be placed in any room environments and still deliver clarity and precision.
Amphion's signature waveguide integrates the drivers and provides a wide and evenly balanced listening field, reducing the "sweet spot" effect. With low crossover point (1600Hz), which is lower than the most sensitive range of human hearing, the speakers each also performs as a point source.
Compactly designed, the speakers also aesthetically enhance the listening experience and serve to decorate the room when unused. Aesthetically, they can be customized with a wide range of grille colors to fit in any modern room decoration.
Other models in the Helium series include a larger bookshelf speaker, Helium510 (which is marketed as Helium3 in Finland), a floorstander, Helium520, and a center channel, Helium520C.


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