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Neofiliac Is Now Available on Google Play

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We are glad to announce that Neofiliac is now available on Google Play. This app makes it easy to launch Neofiliac directly from your Android devices. Its contents, like the Neofiliac web application, are adaptive to all screen size.
For those accustomed to using Neofiliac in the web browser, the Neofiliac app will feel identical: It wraps all existing, and indeed future, features of the Neofiliac web application in a more navigable form specifically for those on Android touch devices.
Some highlights of these features include:
  1. High-level product analytics powered by our Deep Learning-based algorithm
  2. Product review rundowns produced by our Natural Language Processing (NLP)-based AI
  3. Versatile comparison feature that allows you to add up to 8 products in a single comparison
  4. Increasingly powerful price comparison
  5. Detailed product feature listing and insightful product overview
  6. Industry- and keyword-based indexing of new products and articles
  7. Flexible and powerful search function with optional filtering
You can download the Neofiliac Android app using this link.
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