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Product Overview

Razer Basilisk Ultimate is a flagship wireless mouse that sports Razer HyperSpeed wireless technology, 20K DPI Focus+ Optical Sensor, and Razer Optical Mouse Switches, just like the Razer Viper Ultimate. Compared to the Viper Ultimate, Basilisk Ultimate is more customizable and ergonomic and comes with more programmable buttons.
Like in the Razer Viper Ultimate, Razer HyperSpeed HyperSpeed is 25% faster than leading wireless gaming mice. With the lowest click latency, it registers swipes and clicks instantaneously. HyperSpeed is also more efficient, resulting in 25% battery life improvement.
Basilisk Ultimate also features Razer's Focus+ Optical Sensor with the highest sensor specifications on the market. Razer's Optical Switches is more precise and durable, while at the same time increasing speed.


What we found

  • Great build quality
  • Excellent optical mouse switches
  • Wireless charging through an optional dock
  • Nothing in particular

What external reviewers found

External score 79%
  • Solid wireless performance
  • Good battery life
  • Excellent optical sensor
  • Gorgeous RGB lighting
  • Lack of customization options
  • Expensive compared to competitors
  • Expensive for a wireless mouse
  • No wireless charging
  • Software is inconsistent
  • Not as many buttons as dedicated MMO mice

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External Reviews


Reviewer score 88% (normalized by Neofiliac)
Reviewers from laptopmag have found:
The Razer Basilisk Ultimate is packed with a bunch of new tech, and it's all powered by the Razer Synapse app. The mouse is rated to last 100 hours on a charge with the lighting disabled, so you can game for 5 hours a day for 20 days straight. Razer claims that its wireless mouse is 25% faster than that of any other gaming mouse.
  • Sleek design
  • Comfortable to use
  • Excellent optical sensor
  • Battery life could be better


Reviewer score 81% (normalized by Neofiliac)
Reviewers from pcmag have found:
The Basilisk Ultimate features Razer's new Focus+ sensor, which is also in the Viper Ultimate. The mouse supports wireless charging through its proprietary, USB-connected mouse dock. Razer claims "up to" 100 hours, and I found the mouse needed a recharge every four or five days. But the $169.99 MSRP is simply too much for any mouse.
  • Sleek design
  • Solid wireless performance
  • Good battery life
  • Expensive for a wireless mouse


Reviewer score 67% (normalized by Neofiliac)
Reviewers from rtings have found:
The Razer Basilisk Ultimate is a very good mouse for using at the office. It has a comfortable and ergonomic right-handed design, with a thumb rest on the left-hand side. The mouse wheel can even be customized via a slider on the bottom of the mouse, to let you choose a more fluid or clicky scrolling experience.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic right-handed design
  • Lots of customizable RGB zones
  • Not as many buttons as dedicated MMO mice
  • No way to adjust the weight other than using it wirelessly


Reviewer score 80% (normalized by Neofiliac)
Reviewers from techradar have found:
The Razer Basilisk Ultimate is a premium wireless mouse that sits in a price bracket considerably higher than that of our top picks for the best gaming mice list. At 107 grams, it's weighty enough to feel substantial, but not too heavy you'd worry about dropping it. It has a whopping 14 brilliant RGB lighting zones, complete with neat effects you can control via the Chroma Studio module. Alongside all its other features, you're definitely getting your money's worth, if you can spare it.
  • Comfortable and fairly traditional form
  • Lots of RGB lighting zones
  • Excellent battery life
  • Expensive for what it offers
  • Some customization required


Reviewer score 71% (normalized by Neofiliac)
Reviewers from tomsguide have found:
The Razer Basilisk Ultimate runs on the Razer Synapse software. Razer estimates that you can get up to 100 hours of life with the BasiliskUltimate if you turn all the lighting off. The paddle especially is helpful for those who like to slow down DPI on the fly. For $170, there's something a little off about the device.
  • Gorgeous RGB lighting
  • Comfortable paddle
  • Excellent battery life
  • Software is inconsistent
  • No wireless charging


Reviewer score 83% (normalized by Neofiliac)
Reviewers from tomshardware have found:
The Razer Basilisk Ultimate uses Razer's Focus+ Optical sensor with features including the ability to automatically calibrate itself for different surfaces. Razer's sensor is extraordinarily responsive and accurate, as are the optical switches behind every button. The Basilisk is slightly more svelte at 107g compared to the Logitech G502's 114g.
  • Best-in-class optical sensor
  • Sleek design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Lack of customization options


Reviewer score 86% (normalized by Neofiliac)
Reviewers from trustedreviews have found:
Razer’s newest wireless mouse packs a punch, delivering a lot of blows to the opposition. With its 20,000 DPI sensor and latency-free connection, it works an absolute charm. Within Synapse, there are 11 programmable buttons allowing you to customise until your heart's content. The mouse's backlighting, even on its own, looks fantastic, with 14 different zones of backlighting.
  • Gorgeous 20,000 DPI sensor
  • Plenty of customization options
  • Compatible with micro-USB charging dock
  • Expensive compared to competitors


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