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Renault Twizy Hatchback (2012)

Neo score 28%Ext score 37%

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Product Overview

Renault Twizy is an entry-level subcompact hatchback in production from 2012. It is powered by a tiny 17hp electric motor coupled to a tiny 6kWh battery.
In some applications, the Twizy can be restricted and serve as a "quadricycle", which means that one doesn't need a driver's license to use it. Indeed, the "car" is more akin to a child's toy: It is plasticky and ugly, although it is so ugly that the styling has become "fun".
Engineers at Renault clearly didn't think aerodynamics are that important for this vehicle, with a miserable 0.64 coefficient of drag to show for it.
A is the extraordinarily small 6.8m (22.3ft) turning circle.





What we found**

Neo score 28% (not directly comparable across industries)
  • Very small turning circle
  • Fun looks
  • Not a real car
  • Horrid 0.64 drag coefficient
  • Poor suspension setup
  • Very little cargo space

What external reviewers found***

Ext 37% (not directly comparable across industries)
  • Good range
  • Sleek, stylish design
  • Decent fuel economy
  • Easy-to-use zip-up windows
  • Low running costs
  • Lack of safety features
  • Not as practical as scooters
  • Not the most fun to drive
  • Not the best for pockmarked roads
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Cargo Capacity
31 L / 1.1 cu-ft
216 kg / 476 lbs


Brakes | Front
Ventilated discs, 214 mm
Brakes | Rear
Ventilated discs, 204 mm
Suspension | Front
MacPherson strut
Suspension | Rear
MacPherson, Transverse stabilizer
Tire Size
Front wheel tires: 125/80 R13 Rear wheel tires: 145/80 R13
Turning Circle
6.8 m / 22.3 ft


Battery | Capacity
6.1 kWh (gross)
Battery | Type
Body Style
2-door battery-electric Hatchback


Ground Clearance
120 mm / 4.7 in
Size | Height
1454 mm / 57.2 in
Size | Length
2338 mm / 92.0 in
Size | Width
1237 mm / 48.7 in | 1381 mm / 54.4 in (mirror unfolded)
Track Width | Front
1094.0 mm / 43.1 in
Track Width | Rear
1080.0 mm / 42.5 in
474.0 kg / 1045.0 lbs
1686 mm / 66.4 in


Coefficient Of Drag
Top Speed
80.0 km/h / 49.7 mph, 80.0 km/h / 49.7 mph (EV mode)


Drivetrain Layout
Rear-engine (transverse), Rear-wheel drive
Engine | Power
17 hp / 12.7 kW
Transmission | Gears
Transmission | Type



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Sentiment Score 34%
Reviewers from autoexpress have found the following***:
There are three trim levels to choose from. Entry-level Expression comes with 13-inch wheels, a heated windscreen, a lockable glovebox, an onboard computer and a three-metre-long charging cable. Dynamique trim offers different colour combinations - including Diamond Black, Snow White, Flame Orange and Lagoon Blue. Cargo versions essentially provide the same specification as the base Dynamique, with transformation of rear passenger space into a storage area.
Find the original article here.
  • Low running costs
  • Decent fuel economy
  • Good range
  • Lack of safety features
  • Not as practical as scooters


Sentiment Score 41%
Reviewers from carmagazine have found the following***:
The Renault Twizy has a 17bhp, 47lb ft electric motor. Top speed is a limited 50mph, but reachable speeds in London and the like are rarely above 30mph. The car has no radio, no heater, a tiny 31-litre boot and a maximum range of between 40-60 miles.
Find the original article here.
  • Sleek, stylish design
  • Easy-to-use zip-up windows
  • Decent range
  • Not the most fun to drive
  • Not the best for pockmarked roads

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