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Toyota Aygo 2 (AB40) Hatchback (2014-2021)

Neo score 18%Ext score 43%

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Photo 0of Toyota Aygo 2 (AB40) Hatchback (2014-2021)Photo 1of Toyota Aygo 2 (AB40) Hatchback (2014-2021)Photo 2of Toyota Aygo 2 (AB40) Hatchback (2014-2021)Photo 3of Toyota Aygo 2 (AB40) Hatchback (2014-2021)Photo 4of Toyota Aygo 2 (AB40) Hatchback (2014-2021)Photo 5of Toyota Aygo 2 (AB40) Hatchback (2014-2021)Photo 6of Toyota Aygo 2 (AB40) Hatchback (2014-2021)

Product Overview

Toyota Aygo 2 (chassis code AB40) is an entry-level subcompact hatchback in production from 2014 to 2021. It was available with a range of inline-3 engines that displaced 1.0 liters.
Like the Mk1 Aygo, the Aygo 2 is built alongside the Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1. Now, the I4 diesel was dropped, and the Aygo is equipped by only two I3 petrol engines, which has horrible NVH performance and durability, a legacy of modern-day regulations.
Toyota has made a good effort in aerodynamics, with a decent 0.28 coefficient of drag to show for it. Utility-minded owners will likely need to keep an alternative for hauling things around, as the tiny cargo space is almost surely insufficient.
Another plus is the small 9.6m (31.5ft) turning circle.





What we found**

Neo score 18% (not directly comparable across industries)
  • Cute exterior design
  • Good 0.28 drag coefficient
  • Very low fuel consumption
  • Small turning circle
  • Horrible 0-100kph time
  • Can't even reach 200km/h
  • Miserably low engine output
  • Only available with tiny engines
  • No independent rear suspensions
  • Very little cargo space

What external reviewers found***

Ext 43% (not directly comparable across industries)
  • Good infotainment
  • Decent infotainment system
  • Comfortable to drive
  • Stylish looks
  • Low running costs
  • Lack of standard equipment
  • Lacklustre performance
  • Lack of refinement
  • No automatic transmission
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Pre-facelift AutomaticPre-facelift Manual


Cargo Capacity168 L / 5.9 cu-ft
Coolant Capacity3.6 L / 3.8 qt
Engine Oil Capacity2.8 L / 3.0 qt
Fuel Capacity35.0 L / 9.2 gal


Brakes | FrontVentilated discs
Brakes | RearDrum
Power SteeringElectric Steering
Suspension | FrontMacPherson strut
Turning Circle10.2 m / 33.5 ft9.6 m / 31.5 ft


Body Style3-/5-door Hatchback


Size | Height1460 mm / 57.5 in
Size | Length3455 mm / 136.0 in3455 mm / 136.0 in
Size | Width1615 mm / 63.6 in
Track Width | Front1430.0 mm / 56.3 in
Track Width | Rear1420.0 mm / 55.9 in
Weight860.0 kg / 1896.0 lbs
Wheel Size14 in, 15 in
Wheelbase2340 mm / 92.1 in


Acceleration | 0 - 100 km/h15.5 sec14.2 sec
Acceleration | 0 - 60 mph14.7 sec13.5 sec
CO2 Emission97 g/km95 g/km
Coefficient Of Drag0.290.29
Fuel Economy4.2 L/100km / 56.0 MPG (combined) | 5.0 L/100km / 47.0 MPG (urban) | 3.8 L/100km / 61.9 MPG (highway)4.1 L/100km / 57.4 MPG (combined) | 5.0 L/100km / 47.0 MPG (urban) | 3.6 L/100km / 65.3 MPG (highway)
Top Speed160.0 km/h / 99.4 mph


Drivetrain LayoutFront-engine (transverse), Front-wheel drive
Emission StandardEuro 5 JEuro 5 J
Engine | Bore71.0 mm / 2.8 in
Engine | Compression Ratio11.5:111.5:1
Engine | Displacement1.0 L / 60.9 cu-in / 998.0 cc
Engine | Power69.0 hp / 51.5 kW @ 6000 rpm69.0 hp / 51.5 kW @ 6000 rpm
Engine | Specific Output69.1 hp/L / 1.1 hp/cu-in69.1 hp/L / 1.1 hp/cu-in
Engine | Stroke84.0 mm / 3.3 in
Engine | Torque95 Nm / 70.1 lb-ft @ 4300 rpm95 Nm / 70.1 lb-ft @ 4300 rpm
Engine | TypeNaturally-aspirated multi-port injected petrol inline-3 DOHC engine with 4 values per cylinderNaturally-aspirated multi-port injected petrol inline-3 DOHC engine with 4 values per cylinder
Transmission | Gears5-speed
Transmission | TypeAutomatic x-shiftManual


Availability2014 ~ 20182014 ~ 2018

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External Reviews


Sentiment Score 26%
Reviewers from autocar have found the following***:
Despite changes to the Aygo’s powerplant, the little Aygo feels just as short on performance as it always has. Its miniscule torque reserves aren’t exactly what you’d call accessible, requiring a great deal of revs in order to achieve forward motion. Acceleration is fairly meagre, too, with the sprint from 0-62mph taking a lethargic 13.8sec. The controls are largely light and easy to manage, although the noticeable short travel of the clutch pedal may take some getting used to.
Find the original article here.
  • Stylish looks
  • Decent infotainment system
  • Lacklustre performance
  • Lack of refinement


Sentiment Score 61%
Reviewers from autoexpress have found the following***:
Second-generation Toyota Aygo has one engine, a 1.0-litre petrol, and either a manual or automatic transmission. Entry-level Aygos are spartan; their only key piece of kit is electric front windows. Mid-range x-play cars get a DAB radio, air-con, Bluetooth and electric door mirrors. The x-pression adds alloys, part-leather trim and an infotainment touchscreen with a parking camera.
Find the original article here.
  • Low running costs
  • Comfortable to drive
  • Good infotainment
  • Lack of standard equipment
  • No automatic transmission

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