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Photo 0of Audi S8 D2 (4D) Sedan (1996-2002)Photo 1of Audi S8 D2 (4D) Sedan (1996-2002)Photo 2of Audi S8 D2 (4D) Sedan (1996-2002)

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Audi S8 D2 (Typ 4D) is a full-size luxury sedan in production from 1996 to 1998, whereupon it received a facelift. It was powered by a single naturally-aspirated V8 engine that displaced 4.2 liters.
Best known for its appearance in the film Ronin, the original D2 S8 featured Audi's trademark symmetric AWD paired to a 6-speed manual transmission. With the extensive use of aluminum in the form of "Audi Space Frame", the D2 S8 had handling characteristics that was unrivaled at the time for its class, despite being rather nose-heavy.
In some markets, the original D2 S8 used a 5-speed ZF 5HP24A automatic transmission. This was a rather weak unit, which did not match the characteristic of the car. Enthusiasts will find that current markets value the 6-speed manual much more as well.
Audi has made a good effort in aerodynamics, with a decent 0.28 coefficient of drag to show for it.
Drivers who appreciate handling will be pleased to know that the D2 S8 comes with multi-link suspensions at all four corners. This provides the best cornering performance and tunability, at the expense of cost and a little bit of durability.





What we found**

Neo score 79% (not directly comparable across industries)
  • Superb exterior styling
  • Wonderful 6-speed manual transmission
  • Audi Space Frame chassis
  • Great suspension setup
  • Good 0.28 drag coefficient
  • Good towing capacity
  • Very nose-heavy
  • Weak automatic transmission

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Cargo Capacity
525 L / 18.5 cu-ft
Coolant Capacity
11.0 L / 11.6 qt
Engine Oil Capacity
7.5 L / 7.9 qt
Fuel Capacity
90.0 L / 23.8 gal
600 kg / 1323 lbs


Brakes | Front
Ventilated discs
Brakes | Rear
Ventilated discs
Power Steering
Hydraulic Steering
Suspension | Front
Suspension | Rear
Independent on trapezoidal lever
Tire Size
245/45 R18
Turning Circle
12.3 m / 40.3 ft


Body Style
4-door Sedan


Size | Height
Size | Length
5034 mm / 198.2 in
Size | Width
1880 mm / 74.0 in
Track Width | Front
Track Width | Rear
Wheel Size
8J x 18


Acceleration | 0 - 100 km/h
Acceleration | 0 - 60 mph
CO2 Emission
Coefficient Of Drag
Fuel Economy
Top Speed
250.0 km/h / 155.3 mph
Towing Capacity


Drivetrain Layout
Front-engine (longitudinal), All-wheel drive
Emission Standard
Euro 3
Engine | Bore
84.5 mm / 3.3 in
Engine | Compression Ratio
Engine | Displacement
4.2 L / 254.6 cu-in / 4172.0 cc
Engine | Power
Engine | Specific Output
Engine | Stroke
93.0 mm / 3.7 in
Engine | Torque
Engine | Type
Transmission | Gears
Transmission | Type



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