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Fujifilm EF-60 is a compact yet powerful hot-shoe mount flash with a maximum guide number of 60. Compatible with wireless and optical remote masters, including the EF-W1 released at the same time, the EF-60 can also work off camera.
The output of the EF-60 can be precisely adjusted to add dimensions to various situations with light and shade. The flashhead can be manually angled 180 degrees left-to-right and 90 degrees upward so that the light can be bounced off a ceiling or wall to create indirect lighting.
The EF-60 uses a xenon flashtube as well as a high-luminance white LED light for versatile applications, e.g. acting as video assist when filming video, providing constant light when shooting stills, adding a catch light or providing AF-assist light.
Last but not least, the EF-60 offers the High Speed Synch function, enabling the use of the flash in a fast shutter speed up to 1/8000 seconds.

Compatible Cameras

The EF-60 is compatible with the following cameras:

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Wireless Connectivity
Compatible with channel 1 to 8 of wireless commander & channel 1 to 4 of master flash


Adjustment | Tilt
Up to 90 deg, left and right 180 deg


Size | Depth
73 mm
Size | Height
113 mm
Size | Width
97 mm
300 g (w/o battery)


Color Temperature
Approx. 5,300K (at full flash)
TTL, Manual control, FP / High Speed Sync compatible
Guide Number
60 (ISO 100·m) when focal length coverage is set to 200mm in 35mm format


Area Coverage
24 – 200 mm, 16 mm when using built-in diffuser
Battery Life
170 flashes (NiMH battery, full flashing, fully charged)
Charging Time
Recycling Time: 3 sec (NiMH battery, full flashing, fully charged)


Optical Master: FUJIFILM EF-X500, Wireless Master: FUJIFILM EF-W1, Nissin Air10s
4x AA

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