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Porsche 911 992

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Product Overview

The 992 is the 8th generation Porsche 911. Like its predecessors, the 992 retains the MacPherson strut front suspension setup; unlike the 991, however, all variants share the same wide rear-wheel arches that used to be exclusive to AWD and high-performance models. All variants also come standard with staggered wheels (20" front & 21" rear).
Porsche 992 uses aluminium body panels. Inside and outside, more design clues pay homage to the classic 911. Still, the dashboard retains the classic analogue tachometer in the middle.
The 8-speed PDK comes standard on all models, though a 7-speed manual (all bundled with the Sport Chrono package) is available, too. The Sport Chrono package features an overboost function that increases engine performance for 20 seconds.


What we found

Neofiliac score 93%
  • Superb performance
  • Up to glorious 9000rpm redline
  • Good 0.28 drag coefficient
  • Small turning circle
  • Amazing handling
  • Low cargo capacity
  • Grown bigger

What external reviewers found

External score 91%
  • Superb performance
  • Superb handling
  • Superb infotainment system
  • Lackluster manual transmission
  • Lack of dynamic make-up
  • Lack of rear-wheel drive
  • No stick-shift option
  • No adaptive cruise control

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Variants shown:
Carrera 4
Carrera 4 GTS
Carrera 4 GTS MT
Carrera 4S
Carrera GTS
Carrera GTS MT
Carrera S
Turbo S

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External Reviews


Reviewer score 89%
Reviewers from autocar have found:
Porsche has revised the steering action on the rear wheels, increasing the ratio by 6% for even sharper and more decisive turn-in traits than before. For the first time, Turbo S buyers can specify optional sports suspension with a 10mm-lower ride height and retuned active roll compensation system. The strength of the new Turbo S lies in the breadth of its repertoire: it eases and thrills in equal measure.
  • Superb handling
  • Impressive handling
  • Superb infotainment system
  • Not quite as powerful as its predecessor


Reviewer score 86%
Reviewers from autoexpress have found:
The latest 992 Carrera S 911 is available with a seven-speed manual. Porsche claims to have improved the action of the shift with shorter, lighter, more precise throws, with seventh still on a dog-leg to the top right hand side of the gate. Despite the differences in the claimed acceleration numbers, it doesn't feel like you are losing out on any pure performance versus the otherwise mechanically identical PDK model.
  • More agile than PDK Carrera S
  • Fantastic acceleration
  • No seventh gear
  • No third-gear option


Reviewer score 89%
Reviewers from cnet have found:
The EPA rates the 2020 Carrera 4S at 18 miles per gallon city and 23 mpg highway. Wind and road noise are on the higher side, the former likely due to the car's frameless windows. Like many other new Porsches, safety systems are available, but not standard.
  • Gorgeous looks
  • Great infotainment system
  • Fantastic performance
  • No analog tachometer
  • No automatic emergency braking


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