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Toyota Supra 5

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Product Overview

Toyota Supra Mk5 (chassis code A90/A91) is a mid-size sports car in production from 2019. It is available with a range of inline-4 and inline-6 engines that displaced 2.0 to 3.0 liters.
Essentially, the Supra 5 is the coupe variant of the BMW Z4. Owners will likely appreciate the most the inline-6 (I6) engine, which is perfectly balanced while being rather simple to work on. It is also a good base for mods, thanks to its close-deck design.
Utility-minded owners will have to keep in mind that the 290L (10cu-ft) cargo space may not be sufficient.
Drivers who appreciate handling should keep in mind that the Toyota Supra V uses MacPherson front suspension, which doesn't provide the best cornering performance.


What we found

Neofiliac score 88%
  • Punchy six-cylinder engine
  • Fantastic rear-wheel drive chassis
  • Superb styling
  • Great performance
  • Stuck with MacPherson struts in the front
  • Low cargo capacity
  • Tight interior

What external reviewers found

External score 73%
  • Great handling
  • Superb handling
  • Superb infotainment
  • Excellent infotainment tech
  • Lack of space in the cabin
  • Lacks Android Auto
  • Lackluster infotainment
  • Not as agile as an A110
  • Not the right gearbox
  • Not as quick as the 3.0

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External Reviews


Reviewer score 75% (normalized by Neofiliac)
Reviewers from autocar have found:
BMW’s B58 turbocharged straight six is carried over in the same state of tune as in the spiciest BMW Z4. Throttle response is as snappy as you would like in a road-focused sports car at this price point. It's mighty driveable, too, even in town, with a tight turning circle and all the parking aids you could reasonably need.
  • Punchy, punchy engine
  • Comfortable to drive
  • Excellent infotainment system
  • Sub-par visibility in both directions
  • No panoramic sunroof option


Reviewer score 74% (normalized by Neofiliac)
Reviewers from autoexpress have found:
The Toyota Supra blends balance, agility, grip and poise with a punchy six-cylinder motor that delivers a hit of performance and (mostly) the stirring engine note we were after. The BMW M2 Competition is a rawer, more raucous rival and the Porsche 718 Cayman offers sweeter handling, but the Supra is a great car in its own right.
  • Powerful six-cylinder engine
  • Comfortable to drive
  • M2 Competition is more fun to drive


Reviewer score 73% (normalized by Neofiliac)
Reviewers from carmagazine have found:
, Normal and Sport, altering the pre-sets for the power steering, transmission, active diff, stability control and the standard-fit adaptive dampers. In Normal mode, the ride quality is impressively smooth, with the exception of a little occasional see-saw choppiness that's common to many short-wheelbase cars. Even the firmer Sport mode is entirely acceptable on the majority of roads. The boot can just about accommodate three big bags, making a getaway for two feasible.
  • Powerful turbocharged engine
  • Comfortable to drive
  • Good handling
  • No manual gearbox
  • Lack of space in the cabin


Reviewer score 82% (normalized by Neofiliac)
Reviewers from cnet have found:
The new 2020 Toyota Supra has a 3.0-liter, turbocharged I6 engine. The automatic gearbox is great, but I still can't help but wonder how much more involving the Supra experience would be with a stick-shift setup. The Supra's perfect 50:50 weight distribution and a low center of gravity help give it sharp handling.
  • Fun to drive
  • Excellent infotainment
  • Comfortable ride
  • Lacks Android Auto
  • No adaptive cruise control


Reviewer score 93% (normalized by Neofiliac)
Reviewers from digitaltrends have found:
BMW's twin-turbocharged “B58B30” inline-six found in the BMW M340i and Z4 M40i. It's in a different state of tune, churning out 335 horsepower and 365 pound-feet of torque. Mated to the same ZF-sourced eight-speed automatic, 60mph happens in just 4.1 seconds.
  • Superb handling
  • Superb infotainment
  • Comfortable ride
  • Lacks a turbocharged inline-six


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