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Neofiliac makes it easy for enthusiasts and users to engage in the discussion on innovation, technology, and new products by asking and answering questions. Any registered user can post questions for all companies and products listed on Neofiliac, and every registered user can answer them, including business owners.

Ask A Question

Every registered user can ask questions on all products and companies. Please compose your question clearly and concisely. All questions must correlate to the product or company page to which it is added.
Questions will be displayed in descending order of the number of answers that each has received. To attract more attention, we encourage you to choose a username, perhaps one that contains (part of) your real name: by default, questions are marked as asked by "Anonymous", while an appropriate username will increase the level of trust and the willingness to help.
There is no limit to the number of questions that a user can post. However, we have introduced a Report function to curb inappropriate, malicious, or duplicate contents. Every visitor to the page, including unregistered visitors, can submit abuse reports. Please refer to our Quality Standards for more details.

Post An Answer

Every registered user can post answers to all existing questions. When more than one answers exist, the one with the highest number of Likes will be displayed first, with additional answers accessible by clicking on the "See All Answers" link.
The most liked Answer is shown on top, while all answers can be shown as needed
The most liked Answer is shown on top, while all answers can be shown as needed
We encourage you to choose a username for the same reason as explained above. Further, a well-versed answer is more likely to attract the attention of other users and is therefore advisable.
Please note that only one (1) answer per account is allowed for each question. You can, however, update your answer using the "Edit" link.
We have decided to move away from a dedicated Q&A section and instead encourage the use of the comment section.
A dedicated Q&A feature may be reintroduced in the future. A separate notice will be published in this case.

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