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NeofiliacPublished on 11 Apr 2020Last edited on 23 Jan 2021Written by Dr Jiulin Teng
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To maintain a healthy environment conducive to the dissemination of official and verified information on technologies, products, and user experiences, Neofiliac introduces and enforces a set of Quality Standards.

General Rules

  • All users are welcome to contribute contents to Neofiliac, either as a user in the form of Reviews, Q&As, or Comments, or as a business.
  • Fraudulent contents, contents that intentionally misrepresent reality, spams, and contents that promote or involve criminal activities will be deleted and, if appropriate, reported to pertinent authorities.
  • Please observe sensible language. Contents with racially, religiously, and likewise offensive language will be removed. Repeated offenders will be blocked and, if appropriate, reported to pertinent authorities.

Contribute As A Visitor

All user-generated contents must be appropriate and relate to the specific company or product listing. Every visitor to Neofiliac can report inappropriate contents via the Report Abuse button on the top-right corner of each review and Q&A.
All visitors can submit Abuse Reports to help combat inappropriate contents
All visitors can submit Abuse Reports to help combat inappropriate contents

Contribute As A User

All registered users can post Reviews to Company and Product listings. Registered users can also comment on Article, Company, and Product listings.
  • For reviews, we encourage all contributors to include as much detail as they deem necessary and to include an image related to the review.
Registered users can submit Reviews (including Ratings & an optional Image) for products and companies
Registered users can submit Reviews (including Ratings & an optional Image) for products and companies
  • Following our June 2020 update, all registered users can submit comments for Articles, Companies, and Products. Comments are organized in threads. Following our July 2020 update, YouTube videos can also be embedded in these comments.

Contribute As A Business

Business users can apply to have an account created for them. They manage the listing of their Company through this account and are free to add Articles and Products under the company's name.
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  • All articles and products should be unique. Duplicate content is considered spamming and will lead to deletion.
  • Each article contain meaningful contents in the form of news, user guides, industry reviews, or opinions. Neofiliac does not accept articles irrelevant to new products, technology, and innovation.
  • Please include all relevant information. In particular, business users are encouraged to include a complete list of features for each product.
  • To optimize discovery by visitors, please link all related products to each article.
We have temporarily suspended the support for Business Accounts, as we focus on serving consumers.

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