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BMW M6 E64

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Product Overview

BMW M6 E64 Convertible is an executive convertible in production from 2006 to 2010. It was powered by an S85 naturally-aspirated V10 engines that displaced 5.0 liters. The automated manual (SMG) transmission was widely available, while the US also received an optional manual transmission.
The S85 V10 is exceptionally characterful. Many owners love the sound that it makes as well as it smooth power delivery. However, it is very unreliable, due to wrongly spec'd tolerances in the bearings that cause oiling issues and premature wear. As a result, it is also a high maintenance engine.
With the top down, the E64 M6 is great. However, its soft top is only average in looks when up.
Unfortunately, like the E64 6 Series, the M6 uses MacPherson front suspension, which is not great for handling.


What we found

Neofiliac score 85%
  • Characterful S85 engine
  • Great looks with the top down
  • Good power delivery
  • Very high fuel consumption
  • Horrible engine reliability
  • Does not handle well

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