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Kia Sportage 2 (JE/KM)

Subcompact Crossover

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Product Overview

Kia Sportage 2 is an affordable subcompact crossover in production from 2004 to 2010. It was available with a range of inline-4 and V6 engines that displaced 2.0 to 2.7 liters.
Unlike the Mk1 Sportage, the Mk2 is no longer a real SUV. Unfortunately, while Kia managed to keep some of its vehicles decently-styled, the Sportage became exceedingly ugly.
Those who drive offroad, for work or leisure, need to think twice before pulling the trigger: the Kia Sportage II is hardly the "offroader" that Kia would like you to think. Owners may find that at speed the vehicle consumes a lot more than the numbers indicate, thanks to a disappointing 0.40 coefficient of drag to show for it.


What we found

Neofiliac score 15%
  • Not much
  • Rather ugly
  • Slow and sluggish
  • No powerful engine options
  • High 0.40 drag coefficient

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Variants shown:
2.0 AWD
2.0 AWD AT
2.0D 113 AWD
2.0D 140
2.0D 150
2.0D 150 AT
2.7 AWD
2.7 AWD AT

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