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BMW 7 Series G11 / G12

Full-Size Sedan

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Product Overview

BMW 7 Series G11 is a full-size luxury sedan in production from 2015 to 2019, whereupon it received a facelift. It is available with a range of I4, I6, V8, and V12 engines that displaced 2.0 to 6.6 liters. The long-wheelbase version of the G11 is codenamed G12.
Regrettably, inline-4 has made its way to BMW's flagship. At the same time, a lot of the powertrains are only available with AWD, which few really need but many are misled to want.
Fortunately, the sweet N74 engine is still available, even though one can no longer purchase it in RWD SWB guise. The B58 and B48 engines, on another plus note, are improved and more reliable than their respective predecessors. Even the diesel B47 and B57 are better than their "N" ancestors.
Engineers at BMW clearly made a great effort in aerodynamics, with a class-leading 0.24 coefficient of drag to show for it. The official fuel economy rating is exceptionally rosy, though it may cast more doubts on the trustworthiness of the regulators and perhaps the owner's own sanity than it relates to reality.
Drivers who appreciate handling will be pleased to know that the G11 / G12 7 Series uses double-wishbone + multi-link suspension setup, which is great for handling.


What we found

Neofiliac score 90%
  • Strong powertrain options
  • Down to great 3.7s 0-100kph time
  • Up to awe-inspiring 610hp of power and 800Nm of torque
  • Excellent 0.24 drag coefficient
  • Good towing capacity
  • Forcing AWD on consumers
  • Styling too generic

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Variants shown:
730d xDrive
730Ld xDrive
740d xDrive
740e iPerformance
740Ld xDrive
740Le iPerformance
740Le iPerformance xDrive
740Li xDrive
750d xDrive
750i xDrive
750Ld xDrive
750Li xDrive
M760Li 600hp xDrive
M760Li 610hp xDrive

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