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Product Overview

Mercedes EQE (V295) is the EV-equivalent of the E-Class executive sedan. As it is with the EQS vis-à-vis S-Class, however, the EQE is built on Mercedes' new EV-only MEA Platform and has a shocking exterior design.
True to Germany's "same sausage, different length" approach, the V295 EQE is a slightly smaller version of the V297 EQS, which debuted earlier this year pursuant to Mercedes' commitment to launch six electric vehicles in 2021. Car lovers are likely to have mixed feelings about the design, which Mercedes justifies as the result of aerodynamics optimization, though one could equally argue that the EQE does not evoke much emotion.
At launch, Mercedes offers only the EQE 350, which has a single AC motor driving the rear axles. Multilink suspension comes standard, which can be aided with optional air struts. The same rear-axle steering system found standard in the EQS is optional, too. Upcoming models will include all-wheel drive models.
Inside, Mercedes is pulling all the gimmicks that consumers have come to love: the EQE is packed to the gills with touch screens, ambient lighting, and driver assists. Perhaps in the near future the car will be a bigger smartphone that drives itself, while the occupants absorb themselves in apps.





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Neo score 70% (not directly comparable across industries)
  • Good comfort
  • Decent performance
  • Exceptionally ugly
  • Compensation with electronic gimmicks

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Cargo Capacity
430 L / 15.2 cu-ft


Chassis Type
Power Steering
Electric Steering
Suspension | Front
Suspension | Rear
Turning Circle
10.7 m / 35.1 ft


Battery | Capacity
100.0 kWh (gross) | 90.0 kWh (net)
Battery | Type
Battery | Voltage
328.5 V
Body Style
4-door battery-electric Sedan


Size | Height
1512 mm / 59.5 in
Size | Length
4946 mm / 194.7 in
Size | Width
1961 mm / 77.2 in
3120 mm / 122.8 in


Charging Time
Coefficient Of Drag
Electric Range
545.0 km / 338.6 mi
Fuel Economy


Drivetrain Layout
Rear-engine (transverse), Rear-wheel drive
Engine | Power
292 hp / 217.7 kW
Engine | Torque
Transmission | Gears
Transmission | Type


2021-09 (Munich Auto Show 2021)
Made In

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