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Thumbnail of product Genesis G70 Compact Executive Sedan (1st-gen, Facelift)

Genesis G70 Compact Executive Sedan (1st-gen, Facelift)

The facelifted 1st-gen Genesis G70 embraces the refined brand design language of the premium marque: Aligning with the existing Athletic Elegance design philosophy, it comes with lowered signature grille and Quad Lamps up front and Quad Lamp taillights...
NEX score 57%
Thumbnail of product Genesis GV80 Midsize Crossover

Genesis GV80 Midsize Crossover

The Genesis GV80 is a midsize luxury crossover, the first such vehicle in the brand's vehicle lineup. Built on the same platform as the 3rd-gen Genesis G80, the GV80 shares the two petrol engines with the G80, while an inline-6 diesel is also avail...
NEX score 71%
Thumbnail of product Genesis G80 Midsize Luxury Sedan (RG3, 3rd-gen)

Genesis G80 Midsize Luxury Sedan (RG3, 3rd-gen)

The 3rd-gen Genesis G80 (2nd-gen since the brand became independent) presents the brand's "Atheltic Elegance" design language. A midsize luxury sedan, the G80 features an all-new platform shared with the GV80. The Genesis G80 sports the bra...
NEX score 70%
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