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ROG Zenith II Extreme Review Rundown thumbnail

ROG Zenith II Extreme Review Rundown

The ROG Zenith II Extreme looks to set the standard for enthusiasts on AMD's new high-end desktop platform. With a 16-phase power delivery for the CPU and a...
13 Apr 2021

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Intel Corporation is an American semiconductor company. It manufactures microprocessors, motherboard chipsets, network controllers, flash memories, and more.


Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is an American multinational semiconductor company known for developing CPUs and GPUs for business and consumer markets.

Sapphire Technology

Sapphire is a Hong Kong tech company that manufactures graphics cards and motherboards with AMD chips. It is the largest supplier of AMD-based graphics cards.


EVGA is an American computer hardware manufacturer most notably known for its graphics cards powered by Nvidia GPUs. It also produces motherboards, power sup...