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Enthusiasts: Becoming a Filiac

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Filiac is a user-exclusive feature unique to Neofiliac. It allows all registered users to collect and easily follow Industries, Keywords, and Companies in one place. (We will be enriching this feature in future updates.)

Collecting Your Favorites

On pages related to specific industries, keywords, and companies, you can find a Filiac button among the list of actions. The Filiac button is stylized after the latin letter "F". When you have yet to collect the specific entity (industry, keyword, or company), the Filiac button is unfilled (with only an outline); after you have collected it, this button becomes filled.
The Filiac button is repeated at the top-right corner of every page. This button in the header allows you to access your personalized filiac results.

Following Your Favorites

Once you have collected a few entities using the Filiac function, you can begin enjoying its powerful personalized functions.
Filiac function makes following the latest News and Products personalized to your interests easy
Filiac function makes following the latest News and Products personalized to your interests easy
Notably, lists of the latest products and articles from those entities that you have collected will be generated for you, thus offering an easy solution for following several entities of interest at the same time. Additionally, in your Filiac Companies and Filiac Keywords panels, accessible via either the Filiac button in the header, the account side panel, or links in the footer, you can review the full list of companies and keywords that you have collected. This way, you can visit their individual pages for an extensive review of all up-to-date information easily.

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