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Fujifilm X-T3 to Receive Firmware Ver 4.0 that Improves Its Autofocus Performance

FujifilmPublished on 18 Oct 2020Last edited on 23 Jan 2021Written by Dr Jiulin Teng
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Fujifilm has announced the release of scheduled firmware update for the X-T3 on 28 October 2020. This 4.0 version firmware focuses on improving the autofocus performance of the X-T3, raising it to the level of that found in Fujifilm's current flagship, the X-T4.

Autofocus Enhancements

The new firmware reduces autofocus speed from up to 0.06 seconds to up to 0.02 seconds, the same as the X-T4.
Fujifilm says that the new firmware improves not only the autofocus speed of the X-T3 but also its AF tracking performance as well as Face & Eye AF performance. The algorithm for predicting subject movements has been updated to raise the "hit rate" above 90%. The camera can also attain focus on a face or eyes quicker and more accurately, especially when shooting moving subjects.
The Ver 4.0 firmware will allow the camera to autofocus in low light levels down to -7EV.
There are also new functionalities, including adjusting the size of the Single AF point during video recording and a "Focus Limiter" that allows the user to set a pre-defined focus range for better control over the camera's autofocus.
With the new firmware, photo ratings will now be readable by third-party software, and ratings to images recorded in JPEG + RAW mode are applied to both JPEG and RAW files.
The firmware will be free to download.

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