Toyota bZ4X (EA10) Crossover (2022)

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Toyota bZ4X is a battery-electric compact crossover in production from 2022. It is powered by electric motors from 109hp to 204hp aided by a battery capacity of 71kWh.
The first BEV by Toyota, the bZ4X has been criticized for its mediocre feature set and lack of practicality. It is the sister model of the Lexus RZ.
Those who drive offroad, for work or leisure, need to think twice before pulling the trigger: the Toyota bZ4X is hardly the "offroader" that Toyota would like you to think.


What we found**

Neofiliac score 14% (not directly comparable across industries)
  • Up to extraordinary 500km electric range
  • Tight interior space
  • No powerful engine options
  • Ugly exterior

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Payload275 kg / 606 lbs270 kg / 595 lbs


Brakes | FrontVentilated discs
Brakes | RearVentilated discs
Power SteeringElectric Steering
Suspension | FrontMacPherson strut
Suspension | RearDouble-wishbone
Turning Circle11.4 m / 37.4 ft


Battery | Capacity71.4 kWh (gross)
Body Style5-door battery-electric SUV


Size | Height1650 mm / 65.0 in
Size | Length4690 mm / 184.6 in
Size | Width1860 mm / 73.2 in
Weight1920.0 kg / 4232.9 lbs2005.0 kg / 4420.3 lbs
Wheelbase2850 mm / 112.2 in


Acceleration | 0 - 100 km/h8.4 sec7.7 sec
Acceleration | 0 - 60 mph8.0 sec7.3 sec
Electric Range500.0 km / 310.7 mi460.0 km / 285.8 mi


Drivetrain LayoutFront-engine (transverse), Front-wheel driveRear-engine (transverse), All-wheel drive
Engine | Power204 hp / 152.1 kW109 hp / 81.3 kW



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