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Nissan Pathfinder 5 (R53) Crossover (2021)

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Product Overview

Nissan Pathfinder Mk5 (chassis code R53) is a large crossover in production from 2021. It is available with a single V6 engine that displaced 3.5 liters.
Sharing the rather imposing styling of the Nissan Armada, the Pathfinder is essentially a re-bodied car with little to no offroad capabilities. Interestingly, Nissan still uses its old N/A V6 engine, which is a notable plus. However, it means that the Pathfinder cannot be sold in the more "woke" of regimes with the ridiculous "6d" emission standard.





What we found**

Neo score 65% (not directly comparable across industries)
  • Naturally-aspirated V6 engine
  • Good interior comfort
  • High cargo capacity
  • Stuck with MacPherson struts in the front
  • Crossover nonsense

What external reviewers found***

Ext 73% (not directly comparable across industries)
  • Excellent tech features
  • Comfortable ride
  • Sleek interior design
  • Lack of underbody protection
  • Lacks a mechanical four-wheel drive
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Cargo Capacity470 L / 16.6 cu-ft ~ 2280 L / 80.5 cu-ft
Coolant Capacity9.5 L / 10.0 qt
Engine Oil Capacity4.8 L / 5.1 qt
Fuel Capacity70.0 L / 18.5 gal
Payload649 kg / 1431 lbs648 kg / 1429 lbs


Brakes | FrontVentilated discs, 350x30 mm
Brakes | RearVentilated discs, 330x16 mm
Offroad | Approach Angle16.1 deg
Offroad | Breakover Angle20.9 deg
Offroad | Departure Angle15.6 deg
Power SteeringElectric Steering
Suspension | FrontMacPherson strut
Suspension | RearMulti-link
Tire Size255/50 R20


Body Style5-door SUV


Ground Clearance180 mm / 7.1 in
Size | Height1796 mm / 70.7 in
Size | Length5022 mm / 197.7 in
Size | Width1979 mm / 77.9 in
Track Width | Front1699.0 mm / 66.9 in
Track Width | Rear1699.0 mm / 66.9 in
Weight2027.0 kg / 4468.8 lbs1958.0 kg / 4316.7 lbs
Wheelbase2901 mm / 114.2 in


Coefficient Of Drag0.324
Fuel Economy10.2 L/100km / 23.1 MPG (combined) | 11.2 L/100km / 21.0 MPG (urban) | 8.7 L/100km / 27.0 MPG (highway)10.2 L/100km / 23.1 MPG (combined) | 11.2 L/100km / 21.0 MPG (urban) | 9.0 L/100km / 26.1 MPG (highway)
Towing Capacity2722 kg / 6001 lbs (w/ brakes @ 12% gradient)


Drivetrain LayoutFront-engine (transverse), All-wheel driveFront-engine (transverse), Front-wheel drive
Emission StandardTier3 Bin70/LEV3-ULEV70
Engine | Bore96.0 mm / 3.8 in
Engine | Compression Ratio11.0:1
Engine | Displacement3.5 L / 213.5 cu-in / 3498.0 cc
Engine | Power284.0 hp / 211.8 kW @ 6400 rpm
Engine | Redline6600 rpm
Engine | Specific Output81.2 hp/L / 1.3 hp/cu-in
Engine | Stroke81.0 mm / 3.2 in
Engine | Torque351 Nm / 258.9 lb-ft @ 4800 rpm
Engine | TypeNaturally-aspirated direct-injected petrol V6 DOHC engine with 4 values per cylinder
Transmission | Gears9-speed
Transmission | TypeAutomatic



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External Reviews


Sentiment Score 73%
Reviewers from digitaltrends have found the following***:
The 2022 Nissan Pathfinder goes from an also-ran to a top contender among three-row crossover SUVs. Good driving dynamics, thoughtful interior design, and an impressive list of tech features make the Pathfinder stand out. The Pathfinder doesn't beat the competition on interior space, but Nissan makes good use of what it has.
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  • Sleek interior design
  • Excellent tech features
  • Comfortable ride
  • Lack of underbody protection
  • Lacks a mechanical four-wheel drive

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1. ^ 2022 Nissan Pathfinder first drive review: More tech, more toughness. [digitaltrends]. 2021-06-09. Retrieved 2022-08-21.

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