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Volvo C40 Recharge Crossover (2021)

Neo score 20%Ext score 64%

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Product Overview

Volvo C40 Recharge is a subcompact battery-electric crossover in production from 2021. It is powered by 204hp of electric twisting power aided by a battery capacity of 78kWh. More battery-motor combinations may be forthcoming.
Unfortunately, the C40 Recharge is unusually ugly even for a subcompact crossover.
Drivers who appreciate handling should keep in mind that the Volvo C40 Recharge uses MacPherson front suspension, which doesn't provide the best cornering performance.





What we found**

Neo score 20% (not directly comparable across industries)
  • Decent performance
  • Up to 420km electric range
  • No powerful engine options
  • Stuck with MacPherson struts in the front

What external reviewers found***

Ext 64% (not directly comparable across industries)
  • Excellent infotainment system
  • Decent range
  • Impressive acceleration
  • Comfortable to drive
  • Lacks a conventional radiator grille
  • Not as sporty as XC40
  • No automatic gear selector
  • Fiddly map app
  • Pricier than the petrol-powered T4
  • Not a sportscar
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Cargo Capacity
413 L / 14.6 cu-ft ~ 1205 L / 42.6 cu-ft
505 kg / 1113 lbs


Brakes | Front
Ventilated discs, 345x30 mm
Brakes | Rear
Ventilated discs, 340x20 mm
Power Steering
Electric Steering
Suspension | Front
MacPherson strut
Suspension | Rear
Tire Size
235/60 R17, 235/55 R18, 235/50 R19, 245/45 R20, 245/40 R21
Turning Circle
11.8 m / 38.7 ft
Water Fording
450 mm / 17.7 in


Battery | Capacity
78.0 kWh (gross) | 75.0 kWh (net)
Battery | Type
Body Style
5-door battery-electric Crossover


Size | Height
1582 mm / 62.3 in
Size | Length
4431 mm / 174.4 in
Size | Width
1850 mm / 72.8 in | 2035 mm / 80.1 in (mirror unfolded)
Track Width | Front
1598.0 mm / 62.9 in
Track Width | Rear
1623.0 mm / 63.9 in
2185.0 kg / 4817.1 lbs
Wheel Size
7.5J x 17, 7.5J x 18, 7.5J x 19, 8J x 20, 8J x 21
2702 mm / 106.4 in


Acceleration | 0 - 100 km/h
4.9 sec
Acceleration | 0 - 60 mph
4.7 sec
Electric Range
420.0 km / 261.0 mi
Top Speed
180.0 km/h / 111.8 mph
Towing Capacity
1800 kg / 3968 lbs (w/ brakes @ 12% gradient)


Drivetrain Layout
Rear-engine (transverse), All-wheel drive
Engine | Power
204 hp / 152.1 kW @ 4350-13900 rpm
Transmission | Gears
Transmission | Type



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External Reviews


Sentiment Score 70%
Reviewers from autocar have found the following***:
The Recharge line is only offered with Volvo’s higher-end trim levels. Inscription means our XC40 T5 gets 19in alloy wheels, leather upholstery, wooden dashboard trim and a 12.3in infotainment touchscreen. Plenty of options have been added, including a 360deg camera, a panoramic glass roof, a powered tailgate, heated seats, wireless phone charging and tinted rear windows.
Find the original article here.
  • Comfortable to drive
  • Sleek looks
  • Pricier than the petrol-powered T4
  • No automatic gear selector


Sentiment Score 62%
Reviewers from autocar have found the following***:
C40 will never have combustion engines, but it isn’t sitting on an EV-only architecture. A 201hp synchronous AC electric motor drives each axle, with power drawn from a 78kWh battery pack mounted beneath the floor. The onboard 11kW AC charger is intended for domestic use, and is able to fully replenish the pack in around 11 hours. The official range is an impressive 273 miles under the WLTP protocol.
Find the original article here.
  • Powerful twin-turbo V8
  • Impressive acceleration
  • Excellent infotainment system
  • No leather or animal-based cabin materials
  • Not a sportscar


Sentiment Score 63%
Reviewers from autocar have found the following***:
The Recharge is based on the familiar form of the XC40 crossover. It shares its core mechanical layout with the Polestar 2. As launched in all-wheel-drive P8 form, it uses a pair of 201bhp electric motors. Power is drawn from a 78kWh battery pack that can give up to 260 miles of range under the WLTP protocol and is mounted under the floor.
Find the original article here.
  • Powerful electric powertrain
  • Easy to drive
  • Decent infotainment system
  • Lacks a conventional radiator grille
  • Fiddly map app


Sentiment Score 63%
Reviewers from autoexpress have found the following***:
The C40 is Volvo's first model available only with electric power. The 402bhp Twin Pro powertrain is all that's available for now. The C40 will get the single-motor, lower range and less expensive powertrain options just made available on the XC40 Recharge. The car's trip computer estimated 256 miles on a fully charged battery.
Find the original article here.
  • Powerful twin-motor powertrain
  • Comfortable to drive
  • Decent range
  • Not as sporty as XC40

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