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Product Overview

LG RK7 is an all-in-one party speaker with a 2-way bass reflex setup that delivers high power output in an affordable package. Designed primarily for indoor parties, it does not come with a battery, though up to 10 RK7s can be connected via Bluetooth (and unlimited number of units wired) for large parties.
The RK7 has two 2" tweeters sandwiching two 6.5" mid-woofers. In single-unit operation it is expected to be put upright (in order to access the physical controls on the top panel), though it can be operated in horizontal position. The speaker has RGB lighting around the mid-woofers.
I/O-wise, LG has endowed the RK7 with most up-to-date ports that one would expect from such a party speaker, though in order to pair it with the TV or to control it via smartphone Bluetooth is the main connectivity method.
More recently, LG introduced the RN series of XBOOM party speaker systems; the RN7 is a notable upgrade with a more aggressive styling.


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